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Grocery Store POS System: The Step by Step Buying Guide.

No matter the size of your grocery store, making sure you have the right point of sale in place can make the difference between an easy checkout process, or endless frustration between customers and staff alike. The reason for this is that grocery store POS systems require certain features that are not offered standard in other common pos software.

To help you take the risk out of the decision, we have put together this step by step guide to buying a POS for your grocery store with the goal of helping you find the perfect POS for your store.

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1. Understand Weight Scale Integration

Apples on a grocery store POS weight scale.

One of the most used features by grocery stores is weight scale integration directly with the POS.

Think about it, if someone is buying a pound of sliced deli meat, or 3 bananas, or 5 tomatoes, most grocery stores charge for a lot of items based on the weight of those items themselves.

Likewise, if a customer goes up to the meat, cheese, fish, or nut section of the grocery store they might also want to pay per gram or ounce based on how much they need.

In fact, the most common non-barcoded items are grocery food items, yet many point of sale systems do not have that functionality built in.

That’s why it is super important for any grocery store to verify with their POS provider that the product is weight scale compatible.

2. Plan To Track Expiry Dates

Woman checking expiry date on a bottle in grocery aisle.

Grocery store inventory is very different from most other forms of retail inventory, because there is a need to track expiry dates. In other words, a sweater or a television will never expire, not even after 5 years. However, imagine trying to sell a 5 year old loaf of bread to one of your customers, and what their reaction might be.

Selling expired food at a grocery store can get you into legal problems in some jurisdictions, or just get your customers sick in other ones. That’s why it is important to have a system in place to track the dates of the food you are selling.

Some systems even allow you to automatically discount food as it approaches expiry, and flag to you what items have expired and need to be removed from the shelf.

3. Can You Offer Delivery?

Person tapping to pay for box of vegetables on a POS.

For some grocery stores it took a pandemic for them to start offering delivery to their customers, however other more forward thinking stores already offered the convenience of at home grocery delivery.

Whether you want to offer your own delivery from your own delivery drivers, or via an app like Uber which makes the process simple, you need a POS that can either integrate with an app or communicate with the driver/print out delivery slips at purchase.

If you want to offer your customers delivery, this feature further reduces the number of point of sale providers that will work with your store.

4. Will You Have Loyalty Points?

Coins next to sign saying loyalty program.

Another requested feature that grocery stores request in their POS is the ability to implement a rewards program or frequent buyer points.

This feature is surprisingly cost effective for big and small grocery stores alike, and you would be surprised how many additional repeat visits it can drive for such a low cost.

Although not a must for a grocery store, having the ability to have a rewards program is a great way to increase your return visitors, so why not check if it is available with the POS you are considering.

5. Look For Easy Inventory

Someone looking for item at grocery store.

Grocery stores are notorious for having to do frequent inventory updates. So you need a system that can keep up with these changes. Think about some of these examples:

About The Author:
Written By: The AppIntent Team
Published On: 2021-09-10
Last Updated: 2021-09-19
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