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Legal Calendaring and Docketing Software: What You Need To Know

When it comes to choosing legal calendaring and docketing software there are probably a lot of questions you have.

In this article we go over everything you need to know in order to find legal calendaring or docketing software; from what it is, to what to look for, to pros and cons, and whether to go with standalone vs part of a larger system.

What is legal calendaring and docketing software?

Put simply, legal calendaring and docketing software is a type of software designed to help law firms and legal professionals manage their calendars and court deadlines. This is done by taking important dates and deadlines from the lawyer or firm's “dockets” and mapping them on a calendaring software for law firms to ensure tasks are completed on time with no deadlines missed.

However, to fully understand what legal calendaring and docketing software is, you first have to understand what docketing is, who does it, and why it’s important?

Docketing is the process of recording and managing legal cases, including the deadlines and important events associated with each case. These dates and events may include things like scheduled court appearances, filing deadlines, discovery deadlines, and other key milestones related to the case.

In a law firm or legal department, docketing is typically performed by a dedicated docketing specialist or paralegal who is responsible for managing the docketing system. Depending on the firm the docketing process may be very manual with deadlines tracked using a spreadsheet or it could be automated using calendaring/docketing software.

Proper docketing management is extremely important in the legal field because missed deadlines can have severe consequences, such as losing a case or facing various penalties.

In summary, a docket contains a list of all important dates a lawyer needs to be aware of; docketing is the process of keeping track of those important dates; and legal calendaring and docketing software is a software that automates this process by putting these dates on a digital calendar and sending relevant reminders.

What features should I look for when evaluating legal calendaring and docketing software?

Some of the most important (or key) features that you should evaluate when looking at legal calendaring and docketing software, include:

Note: This is by no means an exhaustive list of features and capabilities for legal docketing and calendaring software, but some of the most important or common ones.

What are the pros and cons I should consider when deciding whether or not to implement legal calendaring and docketing software at my firm?

Implementing legal calendaring and docketing software for your law office might offer numerous advantages, but there are also some negatives or limitations that should be considered before deciding if it is right for your practice.

To help with that we have compiled a list of some of the pros and cons:

Some pros of implementing legal calendaring and docketing software:

Some cons of implementing legal calendaring and docketing software:

In summary, legal calendaring and docketing software provide a lot of benefits to firms in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and organization. However, if you choose the wrong software or do not carefully evaluate your options, you might end up getting more of a hassle than help.

Should I choose a standalone calendaring software or one that is part of a practice management software?

This really depends on your firm.

If you already have a practice management software system in place that has a built in docketing or calendaring function, we would recommend trying it out to see if it meets your needs. If it doesn’t then a standalone or add-on system might be needed

If you do not already have a practice management system in place or your system does not handle docketing. Then it tends to be cheaper to go with a standalone option.

About The Author:
Written By: The AppIntent Team
Published On: 2023-06-06
Last Updated: 2023-06-06
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